KIT CNC-3D ( 4 X A-CSD04.V + 4 X 103-H7126-1740 )
KCNC3 - N°4 Open-frame Platine A-CSD04.V und N°4 Schrittmotoren 103-H7126-1740

346.80 €
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High-performance power KIT, complete of SANYO DENKI stepping motors and RTA drives. The ideal solution to realize a CNC system, 3D printer, great precision and high speed pantograph or engraving machines.


  • Power supply voltage up to 48 Vdc: guarantee power and performance superior to integrated circuits
  • "Adaptive Microstepping" System : accuracy and smoothness of movement for every application
  • Stepping motors with high torque: a torque / dimensions ratio of absolute value.

  • Technische Daten

    A -CSD 04.V Stepping motor drive open-frame ( ADVANCED )

    A-CSD 04.V model is based on an open-frame hardware (92 x 85 x 22 mm). It is equipped with Screw-type connectors, separated for power and logic sections.It is able to drive motors up to 4.4 Amps nominal current and it is the perfect choice for mid-low power applications with small-size stepper motors.

  • Version: open frame drive in 92 x 85 x 22 mm, equipped with screw-type connectors.
  • Range of operating voltages: 24-48 VDC.
  • Range of current: 2.6-4.4 Amp. Setting up to eight possible values by means of a dip-switch.
  • Microstepping: 400, 800, 1.600, 3.200 steps/revolution. Setting by means of a dip- switch.
  • Management of the current profile setting by means of a dip-switch.
  • Automatic current reduction at motor standstill.
  • Protections:
  • -Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
    -Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
    -Overtemperature protection with thermal sensor.
  • Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction.
  • Adaptive microstepping.
  • Possibility to set Pull-UP or Pull-Down inputs.
  • Warranty: 24 months.

  • STEPPING MOTOR 103-H7126-1740
    103-H7126-1740 motor is characterized by flange size 56 mm. ( NEMA 23 ) with holding torque up to 165 Ncm.
    Suggested R.T.A. driver: BSD series, A-CSD series, CSD series, A-NDC series, NDC series, HGD series, PLUS series.