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Platine in metallgehäuse X-PLUS MT S4


►New series of stepping motor drives with Modbus interface, direct input from the main AC power supply and STO function
►Direct connection from the main AC power supply (110 Vac to 230 Vac)
► Auto-Sync function available


► Communication by means of Modbus TCP/IP interface
► Full digital microstepping drive
► Safe Torque Function (STO) - SIL3 with Error Detection Monitor
► Wide range of SANYO DENKI stepping motors to be coupled with: holding torque up to 9,2 Nm and flange size up to 86 mm
► Easy setup by RTA Modbus configurator software

Technische Daten

► Communications by means of Modbus TCP/IP interface
► Range of operating voltages: 110-230 Vac
► Protections:
-Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
-Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
-Overtemperature protection with thermal sensor.
► Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction
► External fans no needed
► UL/CSA certified
► Configurable IP addres via USB port
► Warranty 24 months
► Wide range of motor phase setting
► Motor current overboost
► Different variety of HOMING operation modes
► Encoder feedback